Countryy Parlour Ice Cream Flavors

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Super Premium Ice Cream Flavors
Amaretto Cherry Chunk Cinna-Bun Peach Cream
Apple Pie Coconut Peanut Butter Cup
Banana Coconut Avalanche Peanut Butter Pretzel Paradise
Birthday Cake Coffee Peppermint Stick
Black Cherry Cookies & Cream Pineapple Upside Down Cake
Black Raspberry Cotton Candy Pistachio Nut
Black Raspberry Truffle Cream Praline Playdough
Blueberry Coney Island Double Dark Chocolate Raspberry Chip Cheesecake
Blue Moon Dulce De Leche Rocky Road
Boston Cream Pie Elk Prints Rum Raisin
Bubble Gum French Vanilla Simply Peanut Butter
Buckeye Blitz Fudgie Brownie Blitz Snowdrift Mint
Butter Pecan Grizzly Crunch Spumoni
Butter Pecan Cashew Key Lime Pie Strawberry
Butter Toffee Crunch Lemon Crumble Berry Strawberry Cheesecake
Cappuccino Chip Maple Walnut Sundae Cone Crunch
Cherry Vanilla (Whitehouse) Mint Chocolate Chip Superman
Chocolate Mint Elk Prints Turtles N' Mudd
Chocolate Almond Mintcookie Vanilla
Chocolate Blackout Mississippi Mudd Vanilla Bean
Chocolate Caramel Chip Mocha Almond Fudge Shake Base
Chocolate Chip New York Cheesecake  
Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Oatmeal Cookie Crunch  
Cinnamon Orange Pineapple  
Country Parlour's Specialty Flavors
Cashew Raisin Green Tea Mango
Chikoo (Brown Fruit) Irish Stout Red Bean
Fig Kesar Pista Rose
Ginger Lychee Nut  
Bulk Frozen Sherbet
Boysenberry Lime Rainbow
Cherry Orange Raspberry
Lemon Pineapple  
Bulk Frozen Yogurt
Black Berry Chocolate Chocolate Chunk Peanut Butter Cup
Blueberry Cheesecake Cream & Praline Strawberry
Butter Pecan Heath Bar Vanilla
Chocolate Peach  
Low Fat & No Sugar Added
Butter Pecan Elk Prints Strawberry
Cherry vanilla Mint Chocolate Chip Vanilla
Chocolate Fudge Ripple Peanut Butter Fudge  
Bulk Italian Ice & Sorbet
Blackberry Lemon Raspberry
Blueberry Mango Scarlet Orange
Boysenberry Opal Basil Spiced Bourbon Apple
Cantaloupe Passion Fruit Strawberry
Champagne Pear Tangerine
Chocolate Pineapple Verry Berry
Key Lime Pomegranate Watermelon
Kiwi Prickly Pear  
Country Parlour's Dairy Selection
3.5% Vanilla Shake (5 gal) 12% Mix (5 gal) Skim Milk (4x1 gal)
6% Vanilla Soft Serve (5 gal) 15% Mix (5 gal) 2% Milk (4x1 gal)
6% Chocolate Soft Serve (5 gal) Sherbet Mix (5 gal) Homo Milk (4x1 gal)
10% Vanilla Soft Serve (5 gal) Gelato Mix (5 gal) 2% Milk Dispenser (5 gal)
10% Vanilla Custard (5 gal)   Homo Milk Dispenser (5 gal)
  YOGURT MIX Half & Half creamers (400ct)
  Low fat Vanilla (3 gal@ 6x 1/2 gal) Non-Dairy Creamers (400ct)
  Nonfat Vanilla (3 gal@ 6x 1/2 gal) Whipped Cream Cans (12ct)
  Nonfat NSA Vanilla (3 gal@ 6x 1/2 gal) Heavy Cream Qts (12 ct)
  Nonfat Chocolate (3gal@ 61/2 gal) Half & Half Qts (12 ct)

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